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Custom Pallets in Burlington County, NJ

Poor Boy Pallet provides our customers in the Burlington County, NJ area with custom built pallets, recycled pallets, wing pallets, heat treating & more.

Upholding classic values and ethics, Poor Boy Pallet is dedicated to efficiency and organization in our daily pursuits. Our primary goal is to offer premium pallet products and services to our Burlington County, NJ area clients at competitive prices, while also instilling in our workforce the understanding that hard work leads to the fairest compensation.

Custom Built Pallets

We design custom pallets for customers in Burlington County, NJ and surrounding areas, to fit your specific shipping and storage needs, whether you need small pallets, large or oversized pallets, four runner pallets, auto pallets, wing pallets, or something else. We can build your custom pallets utilizing new lumber, a combination of new and recycled lumber ("combo/hybrid" pallets), or recycled lumber. Learn more about our variety of custom built pallets.

Combo/Hybrid Pallets

When we refer to pallets as "hybrid," it indicates a blend of new and recycled lumber. Depending on the situation, specific applications may demand uniform deck boards, with recycled material being suitable for the remaining parts of the pallet. Conversely, if there's a shortage of recycled lumber, new material may be required to fill the gap. These scenarios exemplify beneficial uses for hybrid pallets, driven by the goal of maximizing recycled material. Through the integration of new and recycled lumber, we offer effective solutions to diverse pallet-related issues for our Burlington County, NJ area clients.

New Wood Pallets

By using a variety of wood species, our new wood pallets are tailored to offer your Burlington County company the most advantageous blend of cost and performance.

Recycled Wood Pallets

Did you know that replacing your new pallets with recycled and remanufactured pallets could save you approximately 25%? Learn more about the cost savings and environmental benefits of our recycled, refurbished, remanufactured pallets for our customers in Burlington County, NJ and the surrounding area.

Pallet Services

If you need pallet removal, pallet repair, pallet modification, or heat treating in the Burlington County, NJ area, we provide those services as well. Learn more about our pallet services.

Pallet Delivery

For your convenience, we provide pallet delivery services in Burlington County, NJ as well as the entire states of New Jersey, Delaware, Northern Maryland, and Eastern Pennsylvania. Please contact us for information about our delivery fees.

Contact Us for Pallets in Burlington County, NJ and Surrounding Areas

Whatever your pallet needs are for your Burlington County business, we have the solution for you. Our emphasis on excellence, effectiveness, and equitable pricing ensures your satisfaction. Feel free to get in touch with us today to talk about your needs and explore how we can fulfill your pallet requirements efficiently. Reach out now to establish a partnership founded on reliability and quality! Call us at 856-451-3771, or email us, to find out more about our pallet products and services in Burlington County, NJ and surrounding areas.

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