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Go Green!

You hear it everywhere "Go Green". Going Green is a popular term used to describe the process of changing your decisions for the benefit of the environment. Here are some interesting facts:

          • The average time for a plastic pallet to breakdown in the landfill is 500+ years!
          • If a wooden pallet gets painted, it can no longer get recycled. It MUST go to the landfill!!!
          • On average, only 6 new pallets are created from cutting down ONE tree!


          What if I told you that going green is as easy as buying our recycled or refurbished pallets? Pallet companies have been recycling from the beginning. However, we go even further! We take the odd size, or the "bad" pallets from the mulch pile, and use them again. The parts from those pallets are used to create a "New Look" pallet for our customers. So not only does the customer save money, they are saving the environment!

Check out this short video showing how we reuse broken pallets and turn the savings on to you!


Check out how many pallet manufacturers say they "recycle" pallets. Judge for yourself...